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Copper training day one- the walk...AFTER! He has learned the leash is safe, pressure is safe, the human is safe, and walking next to me is what is expected of him. Pretty darn pleased for a first day's lesson. Good job Copper! In no time at all, you will be a happy go lucky boy with that horrible past far behind you.

COPPER REHAB- DAY 2, part 2- a different dog

COPPER REHAB- DAY 2, part 1- a different dog

Copper training Follow his progress

Copper is a one year old Rottie rescued from an abusive household and an 11 day stint as a lost dog outside in this bitter winter weather. Skin and bones, weighing in at 60 lbs. 

copper training videos

Copper training day one- the walk...BEFORE. Copper came being extremely fearful of the leash and wanting to bite and attack the leash. We temporarily used a chain leash (that had been in storage for years and I forgot existed!) because he sliced through a nylon leashes trying to bite at it. Once we got him to understand, we switched back to a nylon leash. The 2nd video taken the same day, 10 minutes into training, shows the nylon leash and a much much better walk!

The walk is integral to building a dogs confidence for many reasons

1. forward motion encourages a relaxed state as opposed to being frozen in fear. Moving at a natural walk loosens up the dog and gets them in a physical position of confidence and studies have shown in humans and animals, relaxation/confidence can come from first having your body make the physical poses of confidence/relaxation. The dog or human's emotions will follow. 

2. For a dog to be relaxed it needs a good, stable, calm, consistent, confident leader. The walk is a concrete place to start establishing that dynamic. Having a human to trust is amazing for a dog's confidence. This doesn't mean giving a dogs treats- it means conveying that you, the human, have it all covered, all is safe, and the dog is secure. With that type of human leader, the dog can relax in the knowledge that all they have to do is follow. They have a job and a purpose and do not have to watch on alert for the next scary thing to happen, because they are being protected by this human leader now. 

3. Walking helps encourage humans as well as dogs to get into a wonderfully even zen state. The more time spent in that calm state, the more the trauma from the past is undone and dogs can be less reactive, with less triggers.