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Our adoption process begins with an online application, which asks general questions about your lifestyle, home, family, and expectations about the adoption process and future pet.  We ask for personal references, as well as a vet reference, which we contact in order to ask information about your past history of pet ownership.  Our foremost interest is ensuring the best future for the pets in our care..  We appreciate your time and patience during the process.  We believe that putting the time into determining the best fit before the adoption will ensure the successful pairing between dogs and their new owners.We consider adoption a decision to take on a life long responsibility.  Our application process hopes to underscore the commitment necessary (needed) to provide a forever home for a dog.  We have heard the excuses before....our new place doesn't allow dogs, I got divorced and can't handle a dog alone, we are busy now that we had kids...and would like to avoid them by requiring adopters to consider the responsibility required in adopting a pet.  We would like to emphasis that adoption of a living being is a commitment to care for a life.  Animals are not objects that can be returned, exchanged, or disposed of when conditions change  or become difficult. Pets are entirely dependent on our care and commitment and we ask that you seriously consider the dedication necessary before adding a dog or cat to your life. 


Our adoption process begins with the adoption application, which can be found 

We appreciate your assistance in filling out the application. The application asks basic questions, which allows us to assess your preparedness for bringing a dog into your home.  We ask questions that encourage you consider how a dog will fit into your home and lifestyle, so that you can contemplate and ready yourself BEFORE you add a dog to your family.  Our questions are also designed to determine what canine characteristics will fit your family, home, lifestyle so that we can match you with the best suiting dog. 

We recognize that the application can take some time to complete but feel it is necessary to properly match you with your dog. Please fill out the form completely, as we consider each question valuable to the adoption process. 

We do not have strict criteria for adopting, but rather believe that there is a fit for every dog. We believe that there is a dog that can accommodate almost any lifestyle or type of home, as long as responsible pet ownership is your priority. Whether you live in an apartment or on a farm, whether you have children or live with cats, there is a dog that would prosper (flourish) in your home. We do not mandate a fenced yard, providing you are willing to give your pet adequate and safe exercise daily.  We are happy to adopt to committed pet owners who are willing to include a dog into their life and take responsibility for creating a healthy, well-balanced, well-mannered dog.


After we receive the application, we will complete the reference check. This entails calling your vet and personal references to get a good idea about your ability to care for a dog.   We consider the vet reference highly and look for a history of proper care for any current or past pets. 


After speaking to your references, we will arrange a phone interview to discuss the specifics of the dogs available, as well as address any questions you many have regarding the adoption process or any of our dogs.


Occasionally, adopters prefer to meet the adoptable dogs at AHAS prior to the home visit so they can choose amongst a number of dogs with whom they are interested.  We are happy to schedule an appointment at the foster home once the online application is approved. 


We complete a home visit after we have approved the online application and conducted the phone interview.  Ideally, we prefer to bring the dog along for the home visit, so we can observe how the pooch interacts with your other pets and family members.  The home visit gives us an opportunity to evaluate your readiness for a pet.  Additionally, it allows us to determine if the individual dog is a good match for the your home.  Again, we are considering the needs of the dog and interested in coupling those needs with that of the adoptive home. 

We do not view our home visit as an inspection.  We are not concerned with neatness, assuming a basic pet-safe level of cleanliness.  We look at a home visit as an enjoyable time when our representative gets to meet and interact with potential adopters, sharing the experience with the adoptable pet.  We love animals and genuinely love speaking to others about our foster dogs.  Home visits present a wonderful opportunity to talk to our representative about adoption, asking any questions.  We are also glad to provide some basic tips to ease the transition for the dog.

If you are located too far for us to complete a home visit, we try to be flexible to accommodate long distance adoptions.  We have used rescues, shelters, veterinarians, and other pet friendly personal whom are local to the potential adopter, to complete the home visit.  We are happy to adopt far and wide and have done so successfully many times. 


Once a prospective adopter is approved, an AHAS representative will consult with the adopters to make sure that the proper match between dog and home has been achieved.  At the time of adoption, we provide the dog's paperwork, including proof of their vaccines.  We ask that adopters sign a contract stipulating the care the dog is expected to receive after it joins the adoptive home. 


Our donations range from $200-$500 depending on the breed, age, and health of the the dog.  The donation is nonrefundable.

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